We teach life. Real life.

We have been here since 2006. That makes more than ten years of helping children from all around the world to become independent, joyful learners. We have had a chance to educate more than one hundredsmall personalities in our cosy house near the forest. We love to help children in their pursuit of discovering the world. Montessori pedagogy helps us immensely in our efforts.

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We guide the children in their discovery of real life. We help them to develop their character and also their emotional intelligence in a very natural way.

We work with Montessori materials and discover the beauty around us. The children have time for everything and our loving team has time for every child.


We have two classes: a Toddler class (from 18 months) and a Primary class (3–6 years). Half-day and full-day programs are available for both classes.


Registration for the next school year is now open. We still have a few last free places available in both our classes. Would you like to register with us?

“Unity house for me is much more than a kindergarten,  it is a place with its own soul where kids can happily grow, explore, learn, make friends and have a great time. Danka and her team did a magnificent job with both of my kids.  We went together through many stages from first separation,  independence in basic but essential areas, loving discipline,  nurture thirst for knowledge and curiosity and many more. Montessori in Unity house is not just a beautiful concept on the paper but pure reality intrinsic into life. It taught me so much how to be a parent. Today when faced with big challenges in new country my kids enter the classroom with such confidence,  integrity and smile. In that moment I know I did something. If first 6 years are decisive in formation of who we are I am so grateful that Unity house is essential part of my children's childhood.”

Vedrana, two children (Croatia)

Dear parents,
we would like to invite you for a talk in our school. It will happen on 12th of December 2016 at 4pm. English translation will be provided.

Sibling constellation
Do you have two or more children at home and their characters are completely different although you raise them equally? Or are you parents of an only child considering what impact it will have on his or her life?

Our guest, the psychologist and the special teacher Mgr. Ľubica Kordošová, will talk in more details about:

  • What is the relationship between the nature of the child and the order in which he was born?
  • How does the gender and the age difference between siblings influence their personalities?
  • How to take into consideration the different status and needs of each child in the family?

The lecture is intended not only for our parents but also for all those interested in this topic.

Please feel free to invite your friends! Please register as soon as possible by sending email to info@montessori-school.sk.
Admission is 5 EUR.

Your Unity House team