Joyful education

We like to guide children through this special period in their lives and help them to discover real life. We do not only use sophisticated teaching methods to get results. More important is that we do it with appreciation and respect for them. We support them to talk about their feelings and encourage them to help each other. 

Our kindergarten is located in a small villa close to the forest. The safe environment and complex care from our loving team of teachers make the Unity House experience pleasant and joyful for the children. Everybody feels welcome in our school. As we are an international kindergarten, we all speak in English.

We have two classes. Our Toddler Class is for the smallest children from 18 months to 3 years and our Primary class is for children from 3 to 6 years old.

Toddler Class

The teachers always take good care of all their needs. Our toddlers learn how to take care of themselves and become independent. We have special, age-adequate materials prepared for them. Moreover, they learn to dress by themselves and to use spoons, bake, paint, and observe nature. We are happy that they are content to go to school. It is their first vital experience with education. We know that it will benefit them for a long time to come.

Primary Class

Dr. Montessori designed the environment in the class in a way that fosters learning and supports the child’s own natural curiosity. Thanks to this, everything in our Primary class helps children to grow naturally. Supervised by a loving team of AMI certified teachers, they work every day with tools made of natural materials. Montessori is about real life: character development and pottery, value orientation and baking. Trips to the forest and exploring in our spacious garden. We always make sure that we help our little friends to overcome challenges and that we accompany them through everything they experience during the day in our school.

Opening hours

We are open daily, Monday till Friday, from 8 AM till 5 PM.
Would you like detailed information on our time schedules?

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We have an experienced team of AMI certified teachers to guide children and take care of them in every aspect.

Danka Janurová

Owner and AMI Montessori 3-6 Guide

Mia Dorčík

Montessori 0-3 Assistant to Infancy

Soňa Kratocvhílová

Montessori 3-6 AMI Assistant

Mária Podmajerská

Montessori 3-6 Guide

Silvia Esparza

Montessori 0-3 Assistant

Job in Unity House

Would you like to join us? Thanks!
Write to us to know if we have a place for you.

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What do we eat?

We want the best for our children. Therefore we are happy to cooperate with Jemine, a progressive catering company. They focus on high quality food, made of local and seasonal ingredients of organic quality. Yummy!

Cooperation with parents

We are glad to say that our kindergarten is a warm and welcoming space also for the parents. Moreover, we are happy that our cooperation with them works well, since we believe that sharing a common vision with parents is crucial for the child’s development. 

Our parents can help with the organisation and preparation of school events and often join us on our school trips. We also love to learn from them about their home countries, special recipes or favourite songs. 

We organise Educational sessions and special talks with experts from the field of education. Also, in the near future we plan to launch a whole series of workshops and lectures for the parents of our children, in cooperation with our partners from the Slovak Montessori community.