Read what parents say about our kindergarten:

Because of the language, I was considering various international kindergartens for my daughter. But when I first entered Unity House, it stroked me how cosy and at ease I felt. For my child, by then not even 3 years old, it immediately seem to be the right choice. I did not know much about Montessori education at that time, but today I can say that I would stand up for all the values it teaches  children. I am happy for my daughter to have this experience. And last but not least – staff at the Unity House does its job with love and passion and it really feels. 

two children (Australia, Spain)

We first came across Unity House when we were researching our move from Switzerland to Slovakia. Our children had always been in Montessori schools and we had thought this would be one of the compromises we would have to make when we moved.  However, we were delighted to find Unity House, a fully certified Montessori school in the middle of Bratislava!  Over the next 18 months Unity House became an integral part of our lives as the children blossomed.  The staff was always professional and very committed to the children and the Montessori methodology.  The classroom environment is bright and welcoming, the garden a wonderful place for the children to play, explore and even grow their own vegetables.  As parents, we also really appreciated the parents’ mornings.  They were a great opportunity to learn more about the school, Montessori as a pedagogical approach and, most importantly, understand how best to support the children as they grew.

Even though our children were unable to continue in the Montessori system after we left Slovakia, the skills and knowledge they learned in their time at Unity House have left them well prepared to flourish and develop their own curiosity about the world.  The early letter learning meant that our children have been able to teach themselves to read in English, German and Spanish without our help and their teachers have commented on how much they know about the world around them.  Another big advantage of the Montessori methodology was the focus on independence which developed their motor skills, both gross and fine, which has supported their transition to primary school.

In short, I can only recommend the Montessori method in general, and Unity House in particular.  It was a wonderful experience for the whole family, and one we would only recommend to others.

I could watch growing up and developping both of my children (my son, now 13 and my daughter, now 7) in the Unity House while having the benefit to compare with other kindergarten (as my son did not start here) as well as to watch how their totally different personalities are shaped the right way using the same concepts different way working just right for each individual. 

What I found the most amazing is that the Unity House considers sharing the same values so that children are experiencing unified approach both at home and in school crucial for the healthy development of the child and even invests lots of efforts and time in educating parents (through seminars as well as informal 'parental coaching').

Another concept which I realised has been very important in my children's development is 'letting children to do it themselves'. I truly believe that pursuing this concept in Unity House has contributed a great deal to bringing up my children as the open minded, yet responsible human beings prepared to take responsibility for their day to day actions, decisions, for their daily life.

We have chosen Unity House based on recommendation and it met all our expectations. Our son joined in May 2014 and immediately loved the school. He is a very exigent kid and requires a lot of attention. Unity House gives him the stimulation he needs and satisfies his learning needs - tying shoe laces, geography, maths, writing etc. Our daughter joined just recently and liked the school from the first day. Moving to the U.S. and back and the relating frequent changes of pre-schools taught us that a good school is not only about amenities and programme/philosophy the school offers, but it is mostly about people that take care of our children. We appreciate a lot the close relationship Unity House established between parents and teachers that is focused on the child's individual needs and development. This relationship is very important to us as it contributes to development of the child's socialising and learning skills and it aligns the processes at school and at home and considers each child individually. Unity House has an amazing team of teachers that makes feel the children and the parents happy. We also appreciate the emphasis on healthy eating, minimising the consumption of sugar and spending time outdoor.

Chris / Jana

one child (England/Slovakia)

Our son Sam, now 11, attended the Unity House kindergarten for four years. He really enjoyed all the activities and the Montessori approach to learning. It helped him develop many practical skills and his understanding of the world. The school promotes strong moral values, and children are taught to show respect and help each other. The people they visited during the school trips were often surprised at their level of cooperation and friendliness, unusual for a group of similar age.

The school organizes a wide variety of activities and visits to interesting places, museums, and work environments – they visited a bakery, fire station, and often invited family members - parents and grandparents to school to talk about their lives, countries, and customs. Sam enjoyed these very much and we appreciated how he expanded his knowledge from these inspiring activities. 

We liked the individual approach to Sam’s development and cooperation between the school and the parents. The teachers always found time to discuss the areas where they felt he should be encouraged to develop his talents.  

The environment was very friendly, safe and clean. We really appreciated the fact that the school had a garden where the children grew their own vegetables, picked cherries, climbed the trees and looked after the rabbit. Our son was happy there and made some good friends that he is still in touch with.

When we started the education process with the guidance of professionals we had a vision, we were looking forward to, we were hoping.... and now, we are just enjoying! This is the summary of our 4 years spent with Unity House Montessori Kindergarten. 

Our daughter was born in spring and she blossomed the whole time every day under the care of the Unity House team. She was looking forward to going to the kindergarten, all friends and activities. She communicated in English without any problems, she became very skilled in the activities of practical life, she gained knowledge about various topics presented to the children. She could deepen her understanding about the topics with thematic activities. She gained joy from learning and discovering. She gradually became aware of rules and the importance of following them. 

She discovered numbers and letter that became her friends and helpers. She would sing for us in the car... and many other things. We all liked the inexpressible atmosphere created by our children and teachers- sometimes it was more happy, sometimes more serious. The form and the way of emphasising basic human values, social behaviour, acting with regard to those close to us and to public but also the intellectual level of the children is constantly stimulated and supported by professionally trained team.  

Moreover, with every individual consultation between parents and teacher we felt the concern for every small kindergarten being. A being that was going through the process of education, building of his/her character and moral values... Parent education sessions and informing the parents were an inseparable part of the whole process. 

We are GRATEFUL that we could spent these years in Your Unity House Montessori Kindergarten.


I am writing this part after we left  the kindergarten and stared school and maybe these sentences will be of interest to somebody? Together we chose an international school in English language. The adaptation process was..... like there wasn’t any  Our daughter gradually became a part of her new group, without any problems found friends and is doing well in school. She started with year two (the British educational system is different from the Slovak one) thanks to the preparation in  the kindergarten. She is now building upon what have started to appear, classify, clarify and gradually develop  in  Unity House Montessori Kindergarten and she goes to school with a smile and joy every day. 

Our wish during the yeas was not to spoil anything you were doing....!

I still remember our first visit to Unity House. We were charmed by the atmosphere and by the attitude of the teachers. Both of our sons attended Unity House and they gained the most important thing- longing for knowledge and reverence to the world around us. They are now attending school and they are very responsible learners thanks to the deep foundation they gained in Unity House. We were in Unity House kindergarten for 6 years and we were very satisfied!

My Korean friend and my neighbour from Czech Republic recommended Unity House for Seo Eun. They were satisfied with the curriculum of the school. 

I also liked Montessori program so I made the decision that Seo Eun will attend Unity House Kindergarten.  I liked the cooperation of parents and the teachers.  The presentations of our 'jobs', ' another countries' were very nice and made good impressions on the children. Seo Eun could feel and enjoy four seasons in a nice garden (planting seeds, watering plants, playing Mr.Brown, picking up cherries& nuts..)  Ceramic class was also very nice.

I think that thanks largely to the human and moral principles that Tamarka received in her preschool years at Unity House, we don’t have to deal with issues such as lying, false friendships, hypocrisy, or that she would make fun of someone now that she is in upper primary school.  Thanks to the daily communication in English from the age of three she is a top student in English class and on vacations she can independently order food and drinks; she is very proud of this. When we decided to choose this school we considered the friendly approach, discipline and rules without raised voices, and at the same time freedom of choice as well as the educating children to be independent, as well as productive use of time in purposeful activities.