"Danka, tell me please all about the Universe. How does it work? How are the planets functioning? So I dont do anything to harm it by mistake. "

Dear friends, parents, fellow teachers and anybody who loves human race. Can you believe the POTENTIAL of our children? 

As a teacher, as a woman who loves the human race. This makes me cry. I cry with Joy and Gratitude for what I see every day. Today was one of those days.

Sometimes we are so exhausted when we come home from work. I just want to lay down, sleep and be in silence. And people ask me why do we do this "job". But this is my answer. Because this "job" gives me HOPE. It gives me conviction and understanding of human beings. It helps me to become humble. It helps me to fall in love every day more and more as I am getting to know these young people who are becoming great men and women. They are learning how to be friends, how to be considerate, how to solve problems, how to be caring, how to say no, how to say yes. They are making mistakes. They are human. And I also see how in such an early age they demonstrate ability to think critically with regard to other human beings, they demonstrate that they are responsible and able to take care of themselves and the environment around. They help the younger ones and they learn from the older ones. They protect the nature as much as they can. They are sincere. They CARE. They stop and think, they stop and see and many times I feel each one of them has a heart bigger than all of us adults combined.

Today we missed friends that were not with us. Today we made a cake together. Together two girls washed all the dishes- one drying, the other washing. Today we reflected about being careful with our things in school so everybody can use them. Today we were upset. Today we laughed. Today we played outside. Today we were happy to see friends we didn't see for a long time. Today we cried because we missed parents. Today we didn't want to leave the school. Today we learned that no "Mars" people live on Mars. Today we learned that the Sun is a star and it is not solid and is very hot. Today 5year olds started to prepare newspaper for parents. Today we broke our new matryoshka. Today the teachers were SO proud, because who broke it by accident had the Great amount of courage to tell the truth..... and in this way I could write on and on every day.

So please every time you see a child, don't look at who you see, but who is the child becoming. Please let us assist them as much as we can, let us discover with open mind the great Heat of every child and help them to gain Knowledge and Independent thinking so they can teach us how to live. 

I am not usually writing my thoughts like this but today I just can't keep quite. I would like to end with my favourite quote:

"Love gives life to the lifeless. Love lights a flame in the heart that is cold. Love brings hope to the hopeless and gladdens the hearts of the sorrowful"